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Saxon Technologies is a Swiss based enterprise, with over 30 years experience in assisting small and medium sized companies with disruptive or unique technologies to successfully enter into traditional industrial markets. 

Point Americas S.A. - Agrochemicals

With over 35 years experience assisting companies to enter into the agrochemical market, Saxon provides its customers with proven methods and expertise for reorganizing and restructuring its customers’ agrochemical businesses. Sourcing and registration assistance go hand-in-hand with our service to this industrial sector. Specialisation in this product segment is focused on the Latin American region.

Maberal S.A. - Factory Hygiene and Desinfection

With the world’s population increasing exponentially, the food production industry is growing at a rapid pace and food safety is a high priority worldwide.  Today much of the world's food is produced and packaged in the developing countries and exported to the G7 economies. Saxon works with large industrial food producers in the developing countries in order to meet the rigorous sanitation standards required for food products sold in the developed countries. To meet those high standards Saxon assists its customers to use the most effective and economical technologies to clean and desinfect factories in order to guarantee the highest quality food products. Key industries using Saxon's expertise are poultry, meat, cheese and milk products, and bakery products. For this industry segment Saxon's main focus and expertise is in Latin America. 

Advanced Pumping Technologies (APT) - Oil Pumping Equipment

Saxon is working with customers to develop and market disruptive pumping technologies to increase oil production in marginal production oilfields (EOR and IOR production enhancement technologies). The amount of oil remaining in the ground after oilwells are depleted using current technology is between 35% and 60% depending on the geological formation. Using Saxon's pumping technology much of this oil becomes recoverable at an economical cost. The key markets for this technology are the U.S.A., Russia, China and Canada. 

Alfaluz S.A.  Soil Remediation and Petroleum Extraction from Oil Sands

Oil Extraction from Oil Sands: Oil sands, holding the largest known petroleum reserves in the world, are presently mined in a relatively slow, environmentally destructive and costly process that leaves considerable oil on the sand and creates a highly toxic emulsified clay, water, and oil waste stream called Mature Fine Tailings (MFTs). Saxon, with its partners, has developed the Workhorse Mobile Oil Extraction System which dramatically increases oil production output from oil sands at a lower cost and in a non-toxic, environmentally-friendy manner, thus completely eliminating MFTs.

Alfaluz’s unique disruptive green technology, the M-Crack process, is changing the way oil producers worldwide, and in particular the SAGD oil sands operations in Canada, are able to substantially increase their profits at minimal cost and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.


Soil Remediation Technology: Using the unique WorkHorse Mobile Plant, large quantities of contaminated soil can be processed quickly, removing and recovering hydrocarbons for further downstream processing, while at the same time leaving clean, pristine soil in a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly way.   


Oil Sands and Contaminated Soils are found worldwide in many countries, and Saxon is working with partners in numerous countries to introduce the WorkHorse system. 


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